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Thread: I did it: Springfield Armory XD(M) 40S&W

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    I did it: Springfield Armory XD(M) 40S&W

    My latest Handgun addition. A few weeks back I went to the gun store to buy an XD45 but right next to it in the display case was a SA XDM40; Improved Grip surface, nicer sights, replaceable back straps, Match Barrel, nicer trigger & 16 + 1 Capacity in cal. 40 .....I HAD to look at it. After not so much consideration it came home with me...I forgot all about the XD45.
    This gun is able to shoot some really tight groups and has less recoil than the G19. The Case the Gun came in is pretty neat too, so are the accessories;
    2 Mags
    Mag Pouch with rails for your tac-lite or the included mag loader
    Paddle Holster
    Gun Lock
    2 Interchangeable back straps

    Altho not included in the case but should be coming my direction shortly; 2 extra Mags and another magazine pouch, courtesy of Springfield Armory (mail in rebate). 8)

    Ok ok, here are some pics;

    The closed Case

    Opened up, this is what you get

    Just the Gun with magazine

    With some quick and easy modifications you can carry your Laptop in the case

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    Nice job with the laptop.

    I'm a XD owner myself and have never had any sort of problem.

    Have fun
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    Thumbs up

    If the new model XDM is anything like my (older designed) XD Tactical, you made an excellent purchase. Glock and the M&P PR staff have got to be concerned regarding this model for sale competition, not to mention the function and reliability of the firearm for practical and competition shooting use.
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    I got a chance to handle the XDM at a gun store recently and I'm certainly impressed. When I bought my Sig and tried a XD and although it is great it wasn't even a contest. The M is a lot closer to my Sig in the way it feels at least.

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    I find these interesting as well, but we are unlikely to see any new Semi Autos added to our DOJ approved list.

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    Glock and the M&P PR staff have got to be concerned regarding this model for sale competition
    I don't know about Glock, but I think S&W has nothing to worry about.

    Recently, I was in the market for a new, polymer 9mm pistol. I thought that I wanted the new XD-M in 9mm when it became available, but I also enjoyed shooting my father-in-law's M&P 9. So, I went to an indoor range that rented both models (in .40) and gave them a head-to-head test drive. I was a bit surprised to learn that I shot the M&P better and that I liked the fit, feel, and trigger better. Before that, I was firm in my opinion of "no, thanks" to Smith & Wesson.

    So, last week I picked up a M&P9 Pro Series. I'm quite happy with it.

    Also, the M&P qualifies for the Stock Service Pistol category of IDPA, while the XD-M is in the Enhanced Service Pistol, so they really aren't competing against each other in that regard. I already own a pistol for ESP, but not for SSP, so the M&P9 was a perfect choice for me.

    In reality, both guns are very capable. I'd feel comfortable and competent with either one.
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    XD's are some great guns...... Ive got a cpl of them and put almost 10,000 flawless rounds thru them.

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    Me too.
    I walked in to Sportsman's Warehouse to look at a Sig 229 and a couple others. Next thing you know, I'm drawn in by the XDm .40 (16+1) and all the stuff that comes with it. Once I got that baby in my hand, it was over. Next stop, cash register.
    Haven't been to the range with it yet. But I'm itching to.

    I would've preferred one with Tritium sights already on it. But none that I've seen have them already set up with night sights. Now I need to wait till I crank several hundred rounds through it to be sure I don't want to also do any trigger work on it. I don't want to have to send it away more than once.

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    My son got one last month. He loves it. It stores well in the quick unlock handgun safe I got him for his room at his frat house; along with his Buckmark.

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    I got one at the end of August of this year. Very good gun but my trigger broke on friday. No one I have talked to has heard of any others breaking. I do not abuse my firearms so I am not sure of what happened.
    Gun went back to Springfield on Friday by Fedex on a Springfiled RMA, lifetime warranty.
    Have a nice day!

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