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Thread: does anyone have any history on

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    does anyone have any history on

    on gunsmith/rifle make cr pedersen and sons? ive searched here and googled to death. i know they are/were in michigan, i was curious if anyone has/had their stuff. I recently got a 1903a3 in 25-06 and its real pretty for sure. thanks for your time

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    Google 'pederson device' and you'll find tons of info.

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    None of which is relevant to a gunsmithing shop operating probably 40 years later... even if you spell it right.

    As to the OP, I have heard the name, but don't know any history. As far as I know it was just another gunsmithing shop paying the bills by making army surplus look nice.

    Mossberg used the name "Pedersen" for a line of nicer guns at one time but I doubt there is a connection.

    I remember several trips to the Creighton and Warren store and shop in Nashville some years back. Nice guns, but they do not pop up on a Google. Gone and largely forgotten along with many others.
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