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Thread: Checkering Triggerguard?

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    Checkering Triggerguard?

    So despite the chastisement of my father, the Army, the Air Force and a bunch of keyboard commandos who say otherwise, I have had the habit of resting my non-shooting index finger on the front of the triggerguard. I've had this habit as long as I've been shooting, and I don't intend to give it up.

    What I'm wondering is if anyone knows of an aftermarket "shoe" that can be placed over the front of a triggerguard to mimic the curved guards found on bottom feeders. I've tried to do it cheaply with skateboard tape, and that doesn't work out too well. It seems like doing it myself would be easy enough, which means that it is a guaranteed way to ruin a nice gun, so please don't tempt me by telling me how to do it. I have seen some nicely done, but I'm hoping to find a way to avoid sending the guns out.

    Am I the only one who shoots like this? If so, why are all the auto's set up for this style?
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    One of the fellows who writes for Shotgun News - I think it's Fortier - says that there is high speed photography that shows the pistol flying away from the thumb of the support hand when placed on the front of the trigger guard. He dismisses the technique as worthless. Maybe he just doesn't like it. I find that it steadies my hands on a pistol before firing, especially smaller guns. I don't know of any device that could be place there for the finger. Some pistoleros I've seen put skateboard tape on the bow of the guard but haven't done that to any of my J frame Smiths. I can get sufficient traction on the bare metal.

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    Whatever works. . . .

    I don't know of any source for such a shoe.

    If your technique works, well, it works. With milder cartridges it might even fail to injure your finger. My .44 Magnum cured me of that effort at shrinking groups.

    All that aside, wouldn't that sort of shoe consume space inside the trigger guard, possibly interfering with acquisition of the trigger when under stress?
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    I rest the non-shooting index finger on the front of the trigger guard on several of my pistols. I squared up and stippled the the front of the trigger guard on my 1911 back in 72. Been shooting that way ever since. It's comfortable on most my single actions, but uncomfortable on my S&W's and most double actions.
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