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Thread: Decent Airgun Scope

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    Decent Airgun Scope

    Squirrels, groundhogs plague a friend of mine. I've managed to take care of his groundhog problem but, unfortunately I can't be up at his place 24/7 (Which is a shame because he's got some superb turkey hunting lol)

    Anyhow, for the times I'm not there to take care of the problem he invested in a Remington Vantage 1200. 1200 FPS air rifle. It's surprisingly well made and packs a good punch. Only drawback is the scope. Can't adjust it anymore and it's still high and to the right. I pulled an old BSA Sweets .22 scope off of one of my rifles and put it on there, just to test to make sure the mounts weren't the issue but managed to zero it in fine.

    I was just going to find another Sweets scope and give that to him, but before I did that was wondering if anyone here has any other recommendations. He did put an interest in a variable zoom though (He's a mechanic, he likes to tinker with things) lol.

    I'd put his shooting distances at roughly 75 yards in the back yard and 145 yards in the front. His eyes aren't the greatest for the irons so I figure a 3 x 9 would be more then enough.

    Anyone have any recommendations, first hand experience with any of them?
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    Spring action air guns have a double recoil impulse

    The Remington is a break barrel spring action airgun - these have a double recoil impulse as the spring going forward to a stop shakes the gun up.

    This double recoil impulse can be destructive to cheap scopes made for e.g. .22 rifles. Further and obviously parallax at airgun ranges is a major consideration given the accuracy desired to kill even pests humanely. For these reasons a scope made and marketed for air guns will give superior results. In my experience the ranges mentioned of well over 100 yards (75-145 yards) are beyond meaningless for an air rifle with pellets. Pellets run to low and very low ballistic coefficients and low sectional density. Think abut the comparison of air rifle shot to shotgun pellets and imagine trying to kill a bird with a single pellet hit at over 100 yards.

    Of course the ideal scope is a Swarovski custom tuned to be parallax free at 10 meters.

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