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Thread: Any of you Mississipians (SB 2306 & SB 2036)

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    Any of you Mississipians (SB 2306 & SB 2036)

    From the NRA e-mail sent to me.

    Two Pro-Gun Bills in Mississippi Need Your Help!
    Please Stand-Up and Make Your Voices Heard!

    State Senator Merle Flowers (R-19) has introduced two NRA-backed bills so far this session, both of which have been referred to the Senate Judiciary B Committee.

    In 2006 after Hurricane Katrina, the Mississippi Legislature amended the state's firearms preemption law to prevent cities and counties from interfering with the lawful transportation and possession of firearms in one's home, vehicle, or place of business during a state of emergency or natural disaster. This year, Senator Flowers has introduced SB 2036, which amends the state's emergency powers laws to create additional Second Amendment protections for law-abiding citizens during a future crisis.

    Senator Flowers has also filed SB 2306, which repeals a prohibition in the state's Right-to-Carry law on permit holders possessing handguns in state and municipal parks. Without this legislation, permit holders in Mississippi and reciprocal states would be allowed to carry a concealed firearm in national parks under the recent rule change adopted by the Department of the Interior but not allowed to carry in state or municipal parks.

    Please contact the members of the Senate Judiciary B Committee and your State Senator TODAY and respectfully urge them to support both SB 2036 and SB 2306! Contact information for the Senate Judiciary B Committee can be found below. Please click here to find contact information for your State Senator.

    State Senator Gray Tollison, Chairman, (D-9)

    (601) 359-3425

    State Senator Michael Watson, Vice-Chairman, (R-51)

    (601) 359-3234

    State Senator Sidney Albritton, (R-40)

    (601) 359-3226

    State Senator David Baria, (D-46)

    (601) 359-3234

    State Senator David Blount, (D-29)

    (601) 359-3232

    State Senator Terry W. Brown, (R-17)

    (601) 359-3226

    State Senator Hob Bryan, (D-7)

    (601) 359-3234

    State Senator Terry C. Burton, (R-31)

    (601) 359-3234

    State Senator Vincent Davis, (D-36)

    (601) 359-3232

    State Senator W. Briggs Hopson III, (R-23)

    (601) 359-3211

    State Senator Perry Lee, (R-35)

    (601) 359-3250

    State Senator Bennie L. Turner, (D-16)

    (601) 359-3210

    State Senator Johnnie E. Walls, Jr., (D-12)

    (601) 359-3165

    State Senator Giles Ward, (R-18)

    (601) 359-3172

    State Senator J. P. Wilemon, Jr., (D-5)

    (601) 359-3232

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    There are quite a few gun bills in the MS hopper this year, not just those. MSFOA will put you on the email list upon request and keep you posted on all we can find year round. Our annual meeting is coming up 2:00 pm Feb. 21 in Pearl at Bass Pro Shops. All gun supporters are invited.
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