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Thread: Biometric (Fingerprint) Safes - Reliability?

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    Biometric (Fingerprint) Safes - Reliability?

    A family member wants to get a biometric safe (the ones that read your fingerprint to open). A guy at the local gun shop was claiming that they have spotty reliability, so they don't sell them.

    I don't own one. I had always been a little worried about how slowly and carefully I'd be able to swipe my finger in such a way that it's recognized when the SHTF. I also wanted to wait a while until the technology improved to the point that the bugs were worked out. Plus, I couldn't afford one (or at least I could have if I hadn't just bought another gun ).

    They like the theoretical speed and simplicity of swiping one's finger, but not if it's not reliable. My computer has a fingerprint reader that I am not 100% with yet. I'm happy with my non-biometric safes, but this is for a family member.

    I figured the fine, knowledgeable folks on THR would be brimming with knowledge and experience with these types of safes....

    Experiences? Reliability? Speed? Ease of use? Pros? Cons? Worth the money? If you own one, are you glad you do, or would you not buy it if you had it to do over again?


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    Keep in mind that commercial fingerprint scanners used for security purposes cost thousands of dollars.

    Compare that to the cost of the biometric "safe", and that should give you a pretty good idea as to its quality.
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    I myself dont have one, mine is the full size type of safe, but my Son in law tried two different biometric models and had problems with both. After returning the 2nd one, he went with the push button type and hasn't had any problems with it as of yet. Its only been a few months, but he feels comfortable enough with it that he now has mounted it inside his nightstand.

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    My PC at work has a fingerprint scanner dongle that you just lay your finger on. It's pretty reliable. Is it more secure than a combo? I don't know, but I have a safe on order, and ordered a biometric lock for it. Knowing that if something happened to me a family member can still get into the safe using thier pre-programmed fingerprint w/o having to remember my combo was worth more to me than the speed of being able to access it, but my primary go-to guns won't be in the safe in a SHTF situation.
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    I've wanted one of the Gun Vault Biometric safes for quite some time but had hesitated after seeing problems my brother had with his. I wasn't quite sure whether it was a one-off or endemic to the breed. There's an article in this month's "Guns" magazine by Maasad Ayoob and I think he was about as critical of the technology as someone could be while writing for a gun magazine. (eg. you have advertisers to make happy) I was actually really happy to see him write what I consider an honest appraisal of a product . . made my opinion of him go up considerably.

    Have a good one,

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