Just sent this to all my reps. Please feel free to use it for yourself.
Mr. President,

I currently have five handgun permits, one from my home state so that I may purchase handguns there, and one from MA, NH, FL, and ME. I require these permits to carry a handgun for personal protection while going about my daily business, and they give me permission to do so in some of the states I do the most work in. I have obtained these permits at great personal expense, subjecting myself to highly invasive inquiries by the state and the FBI. I have provided fingerprints, photos, and answered any number of personal questions to prove that I am not a criminal, and should be allowed to exercise my right to bear arms.

I hope I will never have to use my weapon, but having it available may some day save my life, as it does thousands of Americans every year. 90% of the time these life-or-death incidents are resolved simply by the presence of a weapon in the hands of a law abiding citizen, a powerful deterrent to crime and violence that is kept ready at enormous inconvenience to private citizens. Additionally, the percentage of pistol permit licensees nationwide who use their weapons to do evil is so small that in most states there is not a single recorded incident in any given year.

Currently, although I have gone to all this trouble and spend thousands of dollars a year on permits and training, if I am uncareful enough to step across the border into the state of New York with one of my guns, I am instantly as much a criminal as a known felon who has committed crimes in the past and intends to commit more with the aid of their illegal gun. In many states there is a mandatory jail sentence if I am discovered with a pistol, even if my possession of that weapon were perfectly legal just a few miles away in another state.

As I am a law abiding citizen, I am therefore denied my right to self defense in states like NY which do not issue non-resident pistol permits, and states like NJ which do in theory but not in practice. Even in states that do honor one or more of my permits, there are a convoluted set of laws that allow me to have my pistol in some places but not in others, states the only recognize resident permits, and states that only recognize permits from states that recognize theirs (which CT does not have the statutory authority to do, so I am denied my right to keep and bear arms in these states too).

All these often contradictory laws simply serve to make criminals out of law abiding citizens. I therefore urge you to support H.R. 197, the "National Right-to-Carry Reciprocity Act of 2009". This law will allow my many pistol permits to be treated more like driver's licenses currently are, and allow me to defend myself and my loved ones whether I happen to be in my home state or not.