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Thread: Letters to Senator Kirsten E Gillibrand

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    Lightbulb Letters to Senator Kirsten E Gillibrand

    As some of you may be aware New York has a new Democratic Senator who received a 100% approval rating from the NRA. I am an American of African descent as well as a Democrat from Harlem, NYC & still reside within New York City. I can not carry here but I do possess six non resident CCW permits/licenses CT, FL, ME, NH, UT & VA. I'm also a Life Member of the NRA & a member of the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association.

    There is a a lot of talk about how the citizens of NYC have 2nd Amendment views that differ from the rural citizens of the district the new Senator previously represented in upstate New York as a Congresswoman. I do not believe that the residents of New York City are Anti-2A but I do believe that NYC has strong Anti 2A- Politics.

    I've also discovered that several people have commented on the fact that Senator Gillibrand speaks about representing the rights of hunters but does not seem to mention anything about CCW.

    So I'm asking that we right her letters showing our support of her as a strong 2A Democratic Senator & if you choose you can also politely express your concerns about her views on protecting CCW rights. Even if you are not a resident of New York state I'm sure she would benefit from knowing how many of us are out here across the country so feel free to contact her as well.

    I have never personally met the Senator & have no direct affiliation with her other then sharing the same political party but I'm trying to be at the front of the fight for better 2A laws in New York City & welcoming a 2A Senator to New York.

    I will be personally trying to initiate an open forum with her office in regards to 2A & CCW. So feel free to mention that I asked you to show your support for her it will be greatly appreciated.

    Copy of my letter to Senator Gillibrand KIRSTEN E GILLIBRAND

    My info:

    Mr. Robert Reynolds
    New York NY 10032-6115

    (202) 224-4451

    Hon Kirsten E. Gillibrand
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    put a snail mail in at the post office the day before yesterday

    along with reminding her the 2A isnt just about hunting but about
    self defense, i mentioned that the ammo serialization idea is no good either
    (i also requested that she watch out for the awb and also to not cave
    to the other senator's comments about "bringing her around to the
    downstate point of view)

    i also invited her to come visit our village

    i also invited her to visit our local police department's range
    to exercise and celebrate our second amendment rights

    i doubt she will take me up on the invite to shoot but you never
    really know....hopefully she will at least come for a visit

    and i guess i can keep dreaming too!

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