Got this e-mail alert today:

[FONT='Arial', 'sans-serif']RKBA enthusiasts:[/font]

[FONT='Arial', 'sans-serif']SB 1270, an AzCDL-requested bill that removes the penalty for law-abiding citizens carrying concealed weapons without a permit, was filed late afternoon on Tuesday, January 27, 2009. You can read the text of SB 1270 at .

[/font][FONT='Arial', 'sans-serif']Dave Kopp and John Wentling, AzCDL's president and vice-president, and full-time volunteer lobbyists, worked hard lobbying for SB 1270 and encouraging legislators to sign on as co-sponsors. The following twenty-two (22) legislators are the co-sponsors of SB 1270:

Sen. Sylvia Allen District 5 [/font][FONT='Arial', 'sans-serif'](602) 926-5219
Sen. Ron Gould District 3 (602) 926-4138
Sen. Chuck Gray District 19 (602) 926-5288
Sen. Linda Gray District 10 (602) 926-3376
Sen. John Nelson District 12 (602) 926-5872
Sen. Russell Pearce District 18 (602) 926-5760
Sen. Thayer Verschoor District 22 (602) 926-4136
Rep Frank Antenori District 30 (602) 926-5683
Rep Cecil B. Ash District 18 (602) 926-3160
Rep Ray Barnes District 7 (602) 926-3107
Rep Andy Biggs District 22 (602) 926-4371
Rep Judy M. Burges District 4 (602) 926-5861
Rep Sam Crump District 6 (602) 926-3014
Rep David Gowan District 30 (602) 926-3312
Rep John Kavanagh District 8 (602) 926-5170
Rep Barbara McGuire District 23 (602) 926-3012
Rep Nancy McLain District 3 (602) 926-5051
Rep Steve B. Montenegro District 12 (602) 926-5955
Rep Rick Murphy District 9 (602) 926-3255
Rep Warde V. Nichols District 21 (602) 926-5168
Rep Doug Quelland District 10 (602) 926-3024
Rep Carl Seel District 6 (602) 926-3018

If your Senator or Representative is one of the co-sponsors, please take the time to send them an email or call them and thank them for co-sponsoring SB 1270. It's critical that they know you are aware of, and appreciate, their support of SB 1270. You can find your legislators at: .

If your Senator or Representative is NOT a co-sponsor, please call them or send them an email asking them why they did not co-sponsor SB 1270. Politely mention that you expect them to support SB 1270 in the future. You can find your legislators at: .

These alerts are a project of the Arizona Citizens Defense League (AzCDL), an all volunteer, non-profit, non-partisan grassroots organization. Join today!

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The bill basically makes concealed carry a non-offense unless in the act of committing/attempting to commit a violent crime or serious offense. Those who actually go through the CCW permit process get some extra bennies not available to the unwashed masses:

13-3114. Permit holders; carrying firearms; definitions
A. Notwithstanding any other law, a person who possesses a valid permit pursuant to section 13-3112 shall not be prohibited from carrying a firearm, except that the person may be prohibited from carrying a firearm as follows:
1. In a jail, correctional facility or juvenile detention facility.
2. By order of:
(a) The presiding judge or justice when attending any court that is established pursuant to the constitution of this state or title 12, unless the person is providing court security or responding to an emergency.
(b) A justice court when attending the justice court, unless the person is providing court security or responding to an emergency.
(c) A municipal court when attending the municipal court, unless the person is providing court security or responding to an emergency.
3. In a secured police facility.
4. In a location prohibited by federal law.
5. Pursuant to court order.
6. If the person is a prohibited possessor under state or federal law.
7. On the grounds of a school as defined in section 13-3102 unless the person is picking up or dropping off a student or responding to an emergency.
B. A person is not civilly liable for any act or failure to act under this section.
C. For the purposes of this section:
1. "Controlled access" means access to any public facility that is controlled or restricted by the presence of at least two or more of the following:
(a) A state or federal certified law enforcement officer.
(b) A uniformed security officer.
(c) Metal detection, X-ray, screening or other weapon detection equipment.
(d) Video surveillance equipment.
(e) Biometric entry locking devices.
2. "Secured police facility" means a building or structure that is used primarily by a public agency and that is not accessible to the general public except by controlled access.

Text of the bill as introduced today: