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Thread: Maryland Shall Issue Update

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    Maryland Shall Issue Update

    Thanks to your previous efforts, the bill to reform the language with which we will be able to exercise our right to self defense has a total of 42 sponsors and co-sponsors. We are pleased to report that Delegate Dan Riley (D - District 34A - Cecil and Harford) has submitted the bill and it now registered as HB470.

    HB470 would repeal the requirement for the State Police to find that a person has a good and substantial reason for the issuance of a permit to wear, carry or transport a handgun. This would effectively let Maryland join the ranks of the vast majority of states who recognize the right to self-defense.

    Now is where the hard begins and it is imperative that we move quickly since the hearing for the bill is scheduled for February 24 at 1pm.

    What we need you to do:
    •Contact the members of the House Judiciary Committee who are not already co-sponsors of the bill and ask for a favorable report on HB470, Handgun Requirements - Repeal of Finding Requirement. Remind them that Maryland is in the distinct minority of states when it comes to its current policy on the issuance of permits. Remind them that this will not change in anyway the necessity for criminal background checks for either the permit process or the purchase of a firearm.
    •It is particularly important that as many people from the districts of the Delegates below make contacts. Those communications are invaluable to educating these legislators from districts traditionally thought of as anti-self-defense.
    Samuel I. Rosenberg
    Curtis S. (Curt) Anderson
    Benjamin S. Barnes
    Jill P. Carter
    Frank M. Conaway, Jr.
    Kathleen M. Dumais
    Benjamin F. Kramer
    Susan C. Lee
    Gerron S. Levi
    Victor R. Ramirez
    Luiz R. S. Simmons
    Kriselda Valderrama
    Jeffrey D. Waldstreicher

    •Contact Chairman Vallario and respectfully request that he allow for a hearing and, most importantly, a vote on the bill which will be appearing before his committee on February 24th.

    House Office Building, Room 101
    6 Bladen St., Annapolis, MD 21401
    (410) 841-3488, (301) 858-3488
    1-800-492-7122, ext. 3488 (toll free)
    fax: (410) 841-3850, (301) 858-3850
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    Good luck, guys! Wish I could help... I have to be in MD frequently, and I haven't even dared to attempt to apply for a CCW there. My drive is like a rollercoaster... NJ (no CCW), DE (CCW), MD (no CCW), VA (CCW). What a pain! Sure would be nice if I could get a permit, then we can start working on reciprocity here in the northeast, so I don't have to have a separate permit for every single state.
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