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Thread: 2 Model 1895 Nagant Old West Holsters for sale

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    2 Model 1895 Nagant Old West Holsters for sale


    As I have gotten out of the Cowboy Action Shooting Game, I have decided to let these holsters go.

    I had these made by Mernickle Holsters out in NV, so these are custom holsters for the 1895 Nagants, not some other holster that's been re-worked.

    They fit the guns tightly, but allow for a fast draw.

    I am asking 150 for the pair, where it cost me over 100 for each individual holster. These have been used for 3 matches, so there is very little wear.

    Please send me a PM if you are interested.
    Pics are here:

    I can also send separate pictures if you are interested.
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    There is a classified section here. Also, how were you using these in CAS? Aren't those double action revolvers?
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