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Thread: Tennessee action time!

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    Tennessee action time! AND UPDATES

    Guys, some bad gun bills, and good gun bills are due up next week. Even if your Representative is not on the right sub-committee, have him tell the subcommittee members what to do!

    We have a chance to get parks carry, and some improvement on restaurant carry, as well as a removal of the annoying fingerprints on purchase requirement.

    On the bad side, they are trying to create special classes who can carry firearms without the permits. We saw what happens when this was done regarding cops, we don't need any more elite classes. We need to oppose such bills.

    The following is a copy of what I sent to my State Rep.

    Get on it folks!
    Dear Representative Floyd,

    As a Tennessee Firearms Association member and your constituent I am writing to ask that you take a stand on some legislation that will be in committee this coming week. Please speak to the committee members voicing support and opposition for the following legislation.

    Please OPPOSE HB0082. It creates special classes of citizens who can carry guns without a handgun carry permit. If those citizens want to carry firearms, they should do so the way other citizens, like myself do apply for, take the training class, and receive a handgun carry permit after background checks, and fees, are paid.

    Please OPPOSE HB0411. This is already a federal felony, and this would be another gun law that serves no purpose.

    Please SUPPORT HB0959. Recently the Memphis Commercial Appeal posted a considerable amount of the information contained in that database online in a searchable form. Having my name, date of birth, and residence posted on the internet creates multiple problems, such as identity theft, and could place my home at risk for criminals to target. For some people, this is worse. A woman who, for example, has fled an abusive relationship, is now exposed quite publicly and can be tracked by the abuser. The database of people who have Handgun Carry Permits MUST be made confidential.

    Please SUPPORT HB0960, HB0961, and HB0962. These three bills remove onerous restrictions on carrying our firearms. HB0962 has a pending amendment that I strongly encourage you to voice OPPOSITION to. The pending amendment will nullify much of what makes 0962 good. (HB0962 will only allow firearms to be carried if the person does NOT drink. This is the best way to do it. Time restrictions only complicate the matter, with no benefit). Please support, and encourage the committees to support these three bills, with NO amendments.

    Please SUPPORT HB0254. It removes a pointless hurdle when buying a firearm. We must undergo background checks as is.

    While you do not sit on the sub-committee hearing these bills, please share your voice with them, and encourage them to vote in opposition and support of these bills. If you have any questions concerning firearm legislation, please contact me.

    Thank you,

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    Lets give Tennessee the best gun laws in the country!
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    As the person most responsible for HB0254 I would urge all Tennesseans to email their reps to support it. This bill is a no-brainer. It saves time and money for everyone, including the state, which is in budget crisis. So far I have not heard any opposition to it, nor could I imagine anyone being opposed. The sub committee meeting is this Wed and I will be there.
    Rep Casada has done a terrific job getting this moving. When people talk about how all pols are dirty slimy fascists they ought to meet him first.

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    They should call it the Rabbi Bill.

    Yes, write and write often. They hear from me a lot.

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