Did you know…?

STOP! Just stop and take a step back, look at what you’re doing to your country by just standing by and being idle. I ask you to spend a few seconds reading this handout. If you love your country, love what it stands for and want to make a difference with little effort, then I implore you to take the next few minutes out of your busy day to read this. People, it’s time to get involved at the local level and work our way up, until those who pretend to represent us start listening and understanding that we the people won’t stand for it any longer! If you believe in what you’re about to read, please pass this information along to anyone you think may feel the same way you and I are feeling. If you refuse to sit back and watch your country crumble while the crooked politicians lead the way in the unethical exploiting of YOU and I, then read this and spread the word… you’re not alone in your frustration and we’re looking for volunteers to help spread the word. Until we the people start getting involved in our government of the people, we won’t be the once sought after and admired country we have been for years! It’s up to us!
Below you’re going to find some of the answers to the root causes of the many problems we’re facing today in this country. This is meant only as a reference while the bulk of these issues are looked at in depth on my website@ www.polititrade.com.

*Did you know that 13 Americans are killed everyday here in the U.S. by illegal alien gang members, illegal alien drunk drivers, and other horrific means?

*Did you know that the ever so desired national health insurance plan that America is about to embark on will decide who is covered for insurance through the use of an equation? If you’re too old or don’t fit within the guidelines of this equation, or have something terminal like cancer, you’re not covered! Don't believe me? Look at the state run insurance Oregon provides!

*Did you also know that states like California, who are inundated with illegals can’t afford to pay the disability for their OWN BLIND American citizen’s because they’re bankrupt from paying out hundreds of millions a year for illegals!

*Did you know that California is releasing upwards of 60,000 criminals due to not being able to afford to jail them anymore, while the money that would be used to jail these monsters are being funneled to the illegals? The census is that there will be 150 additional homicides and 500 additional rapes a year. I’m sure that the women being raped will understand it’s for the greater good of “civil rights” and “crammed jail cells”. Don’t think it can’t happen where you live!

*Did you know that, even during these unprecedented economic times, Nancy Pelosi is the first speaker of the house to purchase a jumbo jet, a lot like the customized Boeing 747 Air Force One the president travels in.

*Did you know that the economic mess that we’re facing on a global scale was in fact started by the following men through a little known act entitled the Community Reinvestment Act; Chris Dodd, Frank Barney, Franklin Raines, James Johnson, Jamie Gorelick- all democrats and yes, the people we reelected and who are doing even more harm with this ridiculous thing they call a stimulus package! Oh, and don’t forget Obama, also a recipient of Fannie Mae for acknowledged and documented sums of $128,000!

*Did you know that the republicans, including Bush, introduced legislature that tried to tighten the reins of the Community Reinvestment Act 17 times from 2003 to 2007 but it was filibustered by the democrats each and every time since they were on the receiving end of large amounts of money- hundreds of millions…

*Did you know that in less than a year, the dollar is going to be worth half what it is now and your taxes are going to be astronomically higher than what they are now? Why? Because our government doesn’t want to fix the problem, they want YOU to rely on them so they can stay in power!

Find out more about what is happening behind closed doors in back alley deals by OUR government by checking out www.polititrade.com.