OK folks I need opinions preferably from actual owners of these holsters. I recently dusted off my old Government Model MKIV Series 70 and need a holster for it.

I am down to two models currently. One is the Bianchi Minimalist and the other is a Don Hume Open Top Belt Holster H721 OT.

The Minimalist appears to allow the pistol to ride a bit lower, a good thing IMO but, being open bottomed, I am afraid of abusing the exposed portion of my pistol. Also of the pistol being pushed up while Im seated.

The Hume H721 OT appears to be a bit higher of a ride but it is enclosed to protect the pistol.

Do any of you have experience with either of these two holsters and a 1911? How the lining? What about retention? Assistance is much appreciated Thank you.