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Thread: Fight the release of personal information of CHP holders in TN!

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    Fight the release of personal information of CHP holders in TN!

    As you may know, the Memphis Commercial Appeal made public a database containing the names and personal information of everyone in TN who has a Handgun Carry Permit.

    Somekid has a thread about possible legislative action to remediate this possibility in the future. Please participate in that effort.

    This thread is different. I would like for people to suggest ways of putting pressure on the CA to take down this database.

    There is information in the thread in "Legal" with the personal information of the editorial board and senior employees of the CA. I have now posted that information (or links to the thread in "Legal) three times on the CA website. Those posts have been deleted twice as, I'm sure, the third one will be.

    It's time to do more. First, I'm considering putting together a poster with Chris Peck's (the editor) picture, address, phone numbers (business and personal), as well as the property tax information in the "Legal" thread. I would like to post this poster around his home in mid-town, Overton Square (which is close to his home) and down-town. I think this will work best if he is actually notified that since he believes that personal information should be made public, the posters have gone up.

    Would anyone like copies of the poster when I put it together this week? It would be great if they get plastered everywhere?

    Can someone spare some server space to put this information (and maybe the poster) up on the internet so that it will pop up when someone googles Peck's name?

    Second, while the business phone numbers of the individuals listed in the "Legal" thread should ring off the hook, their home phone numbers and the cell phone numbers of other members of Peck, the editorial board and senior employees should also ring all weekend long. Let them hear from you not just at work, but at home, the grocery store, etc.

    Who has other ideas for how to put pressure on the CA? This cannot stand.

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    While looking at CAs website i saw at the bottom of the page their parent company "The E. W. Scripps Company." so i think you should step it up a notch. its obvious the newspaper editors don't care about their info being published but i don't think the parent company's board would be to happy. someone else can get personal info, I'm too lazy to do that.

    link to yahoo finance
    company's board
    Mark G. Contreras Senior Vice President/Newspapers

    The E. W. Scripps Company
    312 Walnut Street
    2800 Scripps Center
    Cincinnati, OH 45202
    Phone: 513-977-3000
    Fax: 513-977-3721
    Web Site:

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    Here's a start...

    Joseph Pepe, President and publisher
    3195 Wetherby Cv S
    Germantown, TN 38139
    901-529-2205, Office

    Steve Tomb, VP of Operations
    1846 Wildcreek Cv
    Collierville, TN 38017
    Phone Unpublished
    901-529-2446, Office

    Chris Peck, Editor
    21 Belleair Dr
    Memphis, TN 38104
    901-529-2390, Office

    Otis Sanford, Editor/Opinion & Editorials
    3396 Park Ave
    Memphis, TN 38111
    Phone Unpublished
    901-529-2447, Office

    Eric Janssen, VP of Digital Media
    8996 Stratfield Cv
    Germantown, TN 38139
    901-358-7007, Home
    901-212-3597, Cell
    901-529-2480, Office

    Scott Sines, Managing Editor
    2136 Wentworth Ln
    Germantown, TN 38139
    Phone Unpublished
    901-529-5843, Office

    Daniel Moehle, VP/Chief Financial Officer
    3172 Devonshire Way
    Germantown, TN 38139
    901-529-2210, Office

    Karl Wurzbach, VP of Sales and Marketing
    3098 Bentwood Run Dr
    Collierville, TN 38017
    Phone Unpublished
    901-529-2640, Office

    Robert Jiranek, VP of New Business Development
    175 Waring Rd
    Memphis, TN 38117
    901-529-6525, Office

    Bob Pinarski, Advertising Director
    3961 Herons Landing Ln
    Arlington, TN 38002
    901-529-2250, Office

    Denise Holman, Manager of Classified Advertising
    720 Litty Ct 103
    Memphis, TN 38103
    Phone Unpublished
    901-529-2216, Office

    Paul Jewell, Marketing Director
    1439 Vance Ave
    Memphis, TN 38104
    901-529-2219, Office
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    We have already been e-mailing and phoning the editor and others at their offices. Now we need ideas for more creative approaches to ramp up the heat. I mentioned a couple. How about some more.

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    Here's an example email to send to EW Scripps, which I just fired off

    To Whom it May Concern,

    As you are, by now, certainly aware, the Memphis Commercial Appeal has chosen to publish a searchable database of all Tennessee Handgun Carry Permit Holders, placing nearly two hundred thousand of us at risk as the targets of criminals who now know which homes leave handguns behind when their occupants go off to work during the day. This is to say nothing of those domestic abuse victims, police officers and judges who have obtained handgun permits to protect their life from real, immediate threats from people who now know precisely where to find them (name, date of birth, city, state and zip, with the help of a phone book, is more than enough information to locate someone).

    Despite repeated appeals for the Commercial Appeal to retract this information, Chris Peck, the Editor, has refused to do so. As a result, I will be joining the growing number of Tennesseans who will be boycotting not only the Commercial Appeal, but their advertisers, as well.

    Without regard to the personal politic of your management or that of the Commercial Appeal, it will soon be evident that the business decision your company is allowing to be made is a losing one, and I would encourage you to quickly remove the invasion of privacy the MCA has posted under the guise of “public safety.”

    Thank you for your time and I eagerly await your response.


    Their contact address is

    Send that or something similar along, then follow-through. I don't have a copy of MCA but need to get a free one (NOT going to pay for that garbage) and generate a list of their advertisers. We then need to start calling and emailing their advertisers letting them know we will never purchase their products or services as long as they support MCA and MCA has this list up.
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    Another idea is to go to the classified section at the Commercial-Appeal and start calling their advertisers. There are quite a few car dealerships and local businesses on there that may have sympathetic ears in their marketing departments, and just might not be aware of what this rag is doing. This is TN after all.
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    If you're going for the publicity thing, use Google Maps to get aerial photos of their houses for your flyers/releases.

    If anyone lives close enough to get photos of the fronts of the houses, even better.

    We'd just like to know, after all.

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    My take on this, is NOT from a perspective of what it does to CCWers...

    But what it does to NON-CCWers. IE...if you ain't on the list, then it's a relatively safe assumption that you are UNARMED when you are away from home.

    Therefore...if a criminal had grudge against someone and wanted to hurt or kill them - or maybe he had an eye on someone to rape...

    If the crook has the name - he CAN check and see if his would be target would be a "soft" target or not!
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