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Thread: Adding a red dot/ mount to my M&P .40 cheap

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    Adding a red dot/ mount to my M&P .40 cheap

    Ok so I love my M&P but I am also kinda of a gadget freak so I am always looking for cool gun accesories that wont permenantly modify my gun since its also my CCW gun.

    I want to put on a cheap red dot and I have found quite a raft of ones under$50 but really they all seem pretty similar to me. Right now my favorite is the Tasco BKRD30 but also spent some time looking at the Barska 1x50

    Any idea which is better?

    Also I need a way to mount this thing on my gun. I have never done such a thing so the only thing I know to look for it one that mounts on my front rail and that sits high enough to allow for clearance of the front site when the gun fires.

    I found a bunch of cheap ones online but cant tell if one is better than the other. I know they have one for glocks that also ties into a pin near the trigger but have not seen such a thing for the M&P any insight her as well?

    My total budget for this project would be roughly 100bucks.
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    Wrong question.

    AT the risk of sounding like a holier than thou smartbutt, it should be; "What's the best optic I could put on my M&P 40?"

    Once you get a high-end optic, you'll never touch that cheap stuff again. If you're spending less on the optic setup than you spent on the gun, you should probably rethink.

    Just my opinion. I have a particular grudge against cheap optics, having been frustrated by them several times, so my judgement my be clouded. Personally I'd rather have a 200 dollar gun with a thousand-dollar optic than a thousand-dollar gun with a 200 dollar optic.

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    The slightly more expensive Propoint models by Tasco have always had a good rep as an affordable red dot scope.
    I've used one for many years with no complaint, on .22s and .45s.
    They're under $100 from most sellers.
    Mounting would drive the price over your stated limit, though.

    I've also tried a couple of the low priced versions like you've linked, but they were not nearly as good. Neither bright enough for daytime or as well made.
    Ok for indoors though.

    Hope this helps some.

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    I would think the cheaper ones would vibrate after shooting and lose the point of aim/impact. Just my thoughts.
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