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Thread: Accessories for Competition

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    Accessories for Competition

    So today I bought a Glock 17 that I plan to use in some pistol competitions. But now I need to buy some accessories for them and I'm looking for some suggestions.

    This is a list of what I need
    1. OWB holster
    2. Magazine holder (2 spare magazines)
    3. Good gunbelt

    Most of my holster experience is with IWB holsters since that's how I carry. I do have a Comp-Tac paddle holster for my P2000 that I really like though. I'm kinda leaning towards a Blackhawk Serpa since I like the retention aspect of it, but I'm open for suggestions. I don't really have a preferred mag holder or gunbelt in mind yet so any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Currently the belt I use for carry is not sufficient for OWB carry. It does work pretty well for IWB though. I know this is all opinion stuff so I'm not asking which one is the best, I just want to see what people like so I can research a few more options before I make my purchases. Thanks
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