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Thread: Drill Team Student Expelled For Fake Gun

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    Drill Team Student Expelled For Fake Gun


    OPINION: Drill Team Student Expelled for Bringing Gun to School

    By National Rifle Association , Everything Firearm Related - February 15, 2009

    Here we go again. In yet another case of over reactive, one-size-fits-all, "zero-tolerance," zero-common sense enforcement, Marie Morrow, an honors student and drill-team commander in the Young Marines, was recently expelled from school. Her crime? She left three rifle shaped drill team props in the back of her car at Cherokee Trail High School in Aurora, Colo. Colorado law mandates expulsion for any student found with a "dangerous weapon" on school grounds, which includes "a firearm facsimile that could reasonably be mistaken for an actual firearm."

    The non-operative rifle props are used during drill routines, where the facsimiles are spun and tossed. The props are made of wood and plastic, are heavily duct-taped and, of course, cannot function and were never intended to. Morrow had brought them to school because she was preparing for a competition at the Air Force Academy in April and planned to attend a practice right after school.

    According to an article in today's Washington Times, Morrow hadn't told anyone about the props, but apparently some students on their way to a smoking spot next to the parking lot spotted them in the back of Morrow's vehicle and contacted school authorities.

    Callers to Denver morning talk show "The Peter Boyles Show," said the students who turned Morrow in received as a reward for their actions, coupons to fast-food restaurant Chik-Fil-A.

    "That's the insanity of this--she's a student leader, a smart kid ... then they give the snitches Chik-Fil-A," Mr. Boyles said.

    In response to the situation, state Senator Kevin Lundberg (R-15) said he plans to introduce legislation that would provide an exception to the law for prop weapons used by military-sponsored youth groups.

    "There should be exemptions to this hard-and-fast rule so this type of thing doesn't happen again," Mr. Lundberg said. "I am outraged that a student faces expulsion for participating in a drill team."

    And it's ironic to note that this is presumably a school-sponsored and school-endorsed drill team.

    Even a spokesman for one of the country's most anti-gun groups agreed that the punishment didn't fit the crime. "We're not concerned about non-operative rifles, and the facts in this case cry out for someone to exercise common sense," said Peter Hamm, a spokesman for the vehemently anti-gun Brady Campaign. You know things are bad when even the Brady Campaign refuses to pile on.

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    In response to the situation, state Senator Kevin Lundberg (R-15) said he plans to introduce legislation that would provide an exception to the law for prop weapons used by military-sponsored youth groups.
    I salute Sen, Lundberg, but it's just sad that we actually need a law telling these idiots that a fake drill rifle is OK to have at school.

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    I'd not damn the school for giving 'snitches' rewards.

    In fact I think the students did the right thing. They didn't know those were just props not real firearms.

    Of course, the school should have used some common sense with the applicaiton of the rules.

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    Maybe they should use broom handles
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    jeeze the times have changed

    OOOhhh how the times have changed...I remember back in 83-86 when I was in JROTC (Cal Cadet Corps) at Norwalk High in So Cal walking the school grounds with a 03A3 on my shoulder or practicing for the Norwalk City Color Guard by twirling, tossing the rifles around in groups (in basic exhibition drill team style) or just practicing the manual of arms alone without the facility blinking an eye.....BTW we had a indoor rifle range on the school grounds aswell.......oooohh I'm getting old.....if any of you were fellow Cal Cadets in that time period send me a PM I would love to chat and catchup

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    Aurora Young Marine headed back to class
    By Carlos Illescas
    The Denver Post
    Posted: 02/13/2009 01:07:56 PM MST
    Updated: 02/14/2009 09:22:50 AM MST

    Marie Morrow, 17, who commands a Young Marines drill team, demonstrates drill-team maneuvers with a practice rifle. ( Andy Cross, The Denver Post )
    Feb 15:
    Critics aim to revise guns-at-school lawsFeb 13:
    Besieged student stays on targetAurora teen under the gun for mock rifles on school groundsFeb 12:
    Aurora drill-team member with 'guns' awaits expulsion decisionTeen faces hearing on expulsion for mock riflesFeb 11:
    Drill team leader may get expulsion verdict FridayMarie Morrow is heading back to class after the superintendent of the Cherry Creek School District decided that she has paid enough for bringing fake rifles to school.

    "I'm just glad to be back in school and have this whole thing over with," said Morrow, a senior at Cherokee Trail High School in Aurora. "I expected to get the minimum sentence, which is what they did."

    Morrow was suspended Feb. 5 after other students saw the props in her vehicle and notified school officials.

    Morrow is commander of the drill team of the Douglas County Young Marines, which teaches leadership and life skills.

    The group practices at Lutheran High School in Parker and has been preparing for a national drill-team competition in April at the Air

    Marie Morrow holds one of her practice rifles Thursday as she awaited word on whether she would be expelled. (THE DENVER POST | ANDY CROSS)Force Academy. Morrow said she didn't realize she had taken the fake rifles to school with her.
    Morrow will be going back to school Wednesday because Monday is Presidents Day and Tuesday is a scheduled day off for everyone. In the meantime, she plans to catch up on her homework.

    Carlos Illescas: 303-954-1175 or cillescas@denverpost.com

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    so expelled was artistic license?

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