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Thread: what is the difference between supporting the NRA and the NRA/ILA?

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    what is the difference between supporting the NRA and the NRA/ILA?

    where does the money go to?

    like if I did the life membership where would that money go?

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    The NRA is divided into several organizations that have different tax status and functions.

    Your NRA membership dues goes to the main organization and it not used for political purposes and it not tax deductible.

    NRA ILA is the lobbying branch of the NRA and this is funding used for NRA people in DC and the state capitals who interact with various legislative bodies.

    The NRA PVF is the fund used for making contributions to political candidates and for political advertising.

    The NRA Foundation is tax deductible and it does things like safety and marksmanship training and range programs. This is a Section 501(c)(3) organization making donations tax deductible.

    The NRA Civil Rights Defense Fund is the branch that helps with things like law suites and other gun rights court cases. This one is also tax deductible as a Section 501(c)(3) org.

    Hope that helps.

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    Just a smattering more,

    NRA/ILA supports local and federal candidates who support the 2nd Am. Through the EVC (Election Volunteer Program).

    NRA/FriendsofNRA use grass roots "Friends" Committees to raise funds and State "Grant Funding Committees" to spend the money raised.

    Most membership money goes to your magazine subscription and operations of the club, HQ salaries etc. Donations account for most other expenses and undertakings. Be assured, your money will support shooting sports in every way conceivable. It's really not about the membership cost however, they are relentless fundraisers and many object to that aspect. I don't but then again, I donate what I can when I can, as I applaud their intent if not always their actions.
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