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Thread: Montana People - Action items-bills now critical.

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    Montana People - Action items-bills now critical.

    Sender: Gary Marbut-MSSA <>

    Subject: Action items - bills now critical
    Date: Sun, 22 Feb 2009 09:56:54 -0700

    Dear MSSA Friends,

    Last chance for several bills.

    I have prepared a review of where all our bills are (I'll send it today), but there is action pending tomorrow on several bills that NEEDS YOU PRIORITY ATTENTION. Here's the deal:

    HJ 26, the Montana states rights and sovereignty resolution will have its public hearing before the House Judiciary Committee tomorrow, Monday 2/23. Send messages to Judiciary members asking them to support HJ 26. (Hint: This is important to protect Montanans from federal gun control, i.e., Blair Holt Firearms Eventual Confiscation Act).

    HB 246, Montana-made guns, has been sent to the House Appropriations Committee (maybe an attempt to kill it). Send messages to House Appropriations Committee members asking them to approve HB 246.

    HB 427, repeal archaic suppressor law, was voted down by the House on Second Reading. Contact House members and ask them to revive and pass HB 427.

    SB 183, to get Montana control of wolves, will be up in the next couple of days before the full Senate. Contact Senate members and ask them to support SB 183.

    HJ 14, supporting guns in National Parks, will be on Second Reading on the House floor tomorrow (Monday). Contact House members and ask them to support HJ 14.

    REASON FOR URGENCY NOW. This coming Friday is "Transmittal," the day by which all House bills must be approved and transmitted to the Senate (except appropriations of money) and all Senate bills to the House, OR THEY ARE DEAD! We have ONLY THIS LAST WEEK to persuade legislators to act on these critical bills!

    If you need more information about any of these bills, get it HERE.

    Act now! Please! All of these bills could die a final death this week without your help. If you want good gun and hunting laws in Montana, you have to become a player - you must commit some time at critical points to contact legislators. Your contacts DO make a difference.

    Thanks loads,

    Gary Marbut, president
    Montana Shooting Sports Association
    author, Gun Laws of Montana
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    From a correspondent: I spent the afternoon in Helena with Elias, Clint, Shorty, and other freedom fighters. Our main interest was in HJ 26 (the Montana Sovereignty resolution), with awareness of HJ 24 (honest money, abolish the fed) a late addition. We all testified in the very limited time available, and one angry idiot really did not help who seemed a bit out of it.

    The word I got was that the order came down from the House speaker Bob Bergren (D) Havre) that HJ 26 (and no doubt 24 also) was not to get out of that committee and a party line vote NO was expected. I wonder how high up his marching orders came from?

    The following was sent anonymously to me that I might see it gets distributed.

    About HJ 26
    Montana House Joint Resolution 26 - a Comedy of Errors

    HJ 26 could arguably be said to have been the most important piece of legislation to be introduced before the 2009 session of the Montana Legislature. HJ 26 failed today (02/23/2009) on a party-line vote (Rs for; Ds against) before the House Judiciary Committee, victim to a string of errors. Let me explain.

    The first error was made by the bill Sponsor, Rep. Michael More (R-Bozeman) who is a VERY GOOD GUY. The error committed by Rep. More is that he introduced HJ 26 WAY too late in the session for it to get serious attention. More is a freshman legislator, so some forgiveness should be offered because he has been swamped by the legislative process and the steep learning curve associated with being a new legislator.

    Because HJ 26 was introduced so late in the process, there was little chance for a fair hearing. HJ 26 was scheduled along with HJ 24 for a one-hour hearing before the Judiciary Committee.

    The next error was when HJ 24 went first during the one hour
    available. HJ 24 sponsor Rep, Joel Boniek (R-Livingston) another VERY GOOD GUY (another freshman) made the next error. Boniek intended his HJ 24 only to generate legislative discussion about federal government money manipulation and unconscionable overspending by the federal government. Although HJ 24 was only intended to generate discussion, it soaked up literally 3/4 of the very limited hearing time available for these two measures.

    The next serious error was by HJ 24 proponents who burned up finite available Committee time carrying on and on about issues not necessarily germane to HJ 24. Despite repeated attempts by Committee Chairman Stoker to keep them on point and speed discussion, HJ 24 proponents insisted on their right to burn time on "talking piece" HJ 24, time that should have been devoted to HJ 26. Basically the same
    people were there to support both bills. Those wanting to support HJ 26 REALLY messed up by running the clock out on HJ 24.

    When it was time for the Committee to hear HJ 26, only 15 minutes were left in the slim hour available because HJ 26 was introduced so very late in the session.

    Rep. More made the next error by spending his very limited time available to explain HJ 26 by talking about Roman history. He needed just one Democrat vote from the nine Democrats on the Committee to get HJ 26 out of Committee. Yet he passed on any chance to persuade them by using his dwindling minutes to talk about Roman history. Although HJ 26 was an inspired idea, the support for it was not inspired. Nor were any Committee Democrats impressed with Roman history.

    The next error was made by HJ 26 proponents who flushed most of the remaining time being irrelevant, offering hardly any testimony relevant to HJ 26, much less designed to persuade ONE Democrat on the Committee to vote for HJ 26.

    However, all of these errors need not have been fatal to HJ 26.

    The crowning and most egregious error was by Committee Democrats who reacted with clueless, small-minded and hostile votes against HJ 26 - all Committee Democrats voted against HJ 26. Of these Democrats, the best that can be said is a rephrase of Patrick Henry: May their chains of slavery rest lightly on them while they lick their masters' hand, for they have no clue what is in store nor what they've done. When the rest of us are shedding blood in streets and valleys to purchase freedom for all, they will still be wondering why that matters, at all.

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    Thanks for your input.

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