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Thread: Sneak Peek - IWB Hybrid Design by K&D Holsters

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    Sneak Peek - IWB Hybrid Design by K&D Holsters

    Here's a new IWB hybrid (kydex/leather) design that we're getting ready to go live with. We took our Dakota Defender design and modified it slightly. Instead of clips, you have the traditional leather loops along the top edge of the holster. The kydex body of the holster will give full coverage vs half coverage. We use Hermann Oak veg-tanned leather, which is considered by many to be the best available. We will only be offering the leather loops, no clips, in it's current configuration. You will be able to adjust the cant of the holster to a certain extent. You can adjust the tension on the holster. You are able to get a full grip on the gun. Also, we won't be offering the leather-lined kydex body. It does have the suede lining on the back of the holster. You can reholster one-handed with this holster.

    Price is yet to be determined. It will be available for the majority of the guns we already offer holsters for.

    I wanted to say that we took influence also from Tucker unleather's "Answer" holster. I have talked personally with Mr. Tucker about any similarities that might be perceived. He said that he was fine with it and had no issues in that regard.
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    I like it.

    If you're asking for comments, I would say bring the back leather up higher -- so that when you wear it next to the skin, only leather (and no part of the gun) touches the skin.

    For guns like the M1911, add my "button" or cam which holds the safety lock engaged when holstered.

    Take a look at my design here:

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    Thank you for your comments. The camera shot/angle does not show it, but the leather on the backside does extend to the backend of the slide. In instances where a thumb safety is on the gun, we'll mold that portion of the leather to it's shape - just like we do currently on our all leather holsters.
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    As mentioned above, we are now introducing our version of the leather/kydex IWB holster. This model is our Stampede Defender holster.

    Our version will come standard with the traditional leather loops for IWB wear. We will be offering, as an option, the adjustable cant/depth kydex clips. These will be available in a standard (loop over the belt) and velcro style. They will also allow for tucking in of the shirt. They will mount in the same holes as the leather loops. You would simply remove the leather loops and put the clips in place of them. The kydex shell will also be available in a leather-lined version (at an additional cost).

    Our version will cover the complete slide of the gun, rather than only partial coverage of the gun. You will have the ability to adjust the tension as well with the two screws that are just forward of the trigger guard/below the dust cover. In addition, you'll be able to achieve a full grip on the gun. The Stampede Defender is available in either right or left hand version. It is available in black or brown color.

    We are compiling the list of guns this holster will be available for. Initially, it's available for the guns we have listed currently on our website.

    The price for our version is $75 + $7/shipping. The additional cost for the adjustable/tuckable kydex clips is $18.

    Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. You can most easily reach me at our shop. Our number is 813-659-3456, and we're available Monday-Saturday, 9:00 - 6:00 (eastern time).
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