March 21-22, Williamstown MO (North-East corner of the state)
March 28-29, Cameron MO (Just North of Kansas City)
April 18-19, Osage Beach MO (Lake Ozark area)
June 6-7, Fremont MO (South-Central MO)
June 13-14, Bates City MO (Pioneer Gun Range, KC area)
June 20-21, Osage Beach (Lake Ozark area)

Going to be a busy spring here in MO!

Come on out! A great time to be had for all, what could be better than good folks, campfires, patriotic stories, and top-shelf marksmanship training?

Ladies are free, kids under 21 are free, active military are free... guys like me that get stuck paying the bill wherever we go, just $70! For a whole weekend, camping included in that price (at all above locations), and you can bring the whole family! What a deal!

Very family friendly, if you feel your kids are mature enough to safely handle a rifle, bring 'em out! First time shooters? We'll get 'em on the right track, and fast! Too old? I watched an elderly lady, a first time shooter, mind you, overcome her physical challenges and excel under the Appleseed program! Expert marksman? I don't know anyone who shoots so well they can't use some practice! Come on out and show us how it's done! (I've been issuing this challenge for some time now, never met anyone who finished the weekend saying they didn't learn anything).

Ammo too expensive? Bring a .22! Marksmanship skills can be taught very effectively with a rimfire rifle, and it'll save you a bundle on ammo.

Not having a shoot close enough to you? Find us a place for 30+ shooters with a safe backstop, and drop me a line... We'll come to you!

More information available at

Reserve your spot on the line today!

Chris, aka 'Greybeard'
Appleseed Project
MO State Coordinator
MO at appleseedinfo dot org