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Thread: Original Loads for 1860 and 1858 Revolvers

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    I never wasted my time with brass measures and all the time it took, I simply poured th powder into the chamber and made enough room for the ball to compress down on it snuggly with mild pressure, and the ball would always snuggle dowsn tight, clear the barrell, and shoot nicely. Others may have idfferent views, but to me this always worked. The end of my flask I would stick in far enough make sure the clearance was right. It just saved some time and energy.

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    The chamber and bore dimensions would also be of interest. Our modern reproduction .44s typically have chamber mouths from .448 to .451. Wonder what your old Remington has?
    Thanks for that photo and info.
    MadMike; I too would be very interested in bore and chamber dimensions of an original. Nice looking old Remington you have there.

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    Once you figure out your loads with this piece, PLEASE put up some videos or range reports or anything. I'm an old cowboy at heart and look forward to seeing it.
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