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Thread: Some goodies I built in the workshop. Heh heh...

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    Some goodies I built in the workshop. Heh heh...

    Hey everybody. I haven't been around much lately - been busy in the workshop when I'm not at the day job. Here's some pictures of some recent boxes I made. Studying old ammunition crates and militaria is fast becoming a hobby of mine. A couple of the items - the camouflaged box and the one with the rifle slots inside- were built for some guys who do airsoft on the weekends. There has been some interest in my woodwork lately, so I've been busy! I plan to build some reproductions of WWII and Vietnam War era ammunition crates soon. They will be very high quality, and use original style rope and latches if I can find some. BTW the weathered looking rustic box shown was made from some reclaimed Oklahoma fence wood that I recovered a few weeks ago. I really like using reclaimed wood. I'm going to do some furniture this year from it too! If anybody is interested in having a box built, or obtaining one of these shown, let me know. I can do weatherproofing, various hardware, etc. whatever you need. Maybe even some miniatures too. You can also call my mobile at 918-698-2104 or e-mail me at if you have a question. I would love to hear from other members.

    Have a great week, everybody!

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    That, good sir, is some quality work. Very nice lookin' stuff.
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    Those are awesome. Great job.

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    very very nice!
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