The shootings in the last week in Illinois, Alabama, and Germany are very tragic and my prayers go to the victims.

We need to take this time to write to our elected officials and show them that these tragedies may have ended sooner if law-abiding citizens were allowed to lawfully carry concealed firearms.

I wrote to my State Senator yesterday regarding the prohibition of concealed carry in churches. I pointed out that there have been four church shootings since December 2007, and that only one had ended with the attacker being shot (by an armed security guard). The rest either killed themselves or were tackled by members of the congregation. I wrote that these gun free zones have done nothing to prevent attackers from opening fire inside churches. The only way to protect the citizens from such attacks is to level the playing field and let licensed law-abiding citizens carry concealed firearms in church.

This issue is about saving lives, about defending self and others against violent attackers where anti-gun policies have failed.

Please write to your officials.