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Thread: Only a matter of Time ?

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    Only a matter of Time ?

    Protesters force Thailand to cancel Asia summit
    Michael Casey, Associated Press Writer

    PATTAYA, Thailand Anti-government protesters stormed a convention center where leaders of Asian nations were to meet Saturday, prompting Thailand's government to cancel the summit and declare a state of emergency in the surrounding seaside city.

    The red-shirted protesters, who are calling for the resignation of Thai Prime Abhisit Vejjajiva, declared victory and walked away from the building.

    "We have won. We have stopped them from holding a summit," Jakrapob Penkair, one of the protest leaders, said in the capital, Bangkok. "But we have not achieved our goal yet. We will continue to protest in Bangkok until Abhisit resigns."

    The chaos is a huge embarrassment for Abhisit, who has been trying to project an image of calm and normality since taking power in a parliamentary vote four months ago after a court dissolved the previous government for election fraud.

    It also raises tension in Thailand, where anti-government crowds as big as 100,000 marched in Bangkok this past week, and increased the threat of violence and a possible confrontation between the military and the protesters.

    "The situation has gotten completely out of hand. Violence and bloodshed is very much possible," said Charnvit Kasetsiri, a historian and former rector of Bangkok's Thammasat University. "The country is very split and it might have reached the point of no return."

    We are not immune. Will infringement of the 2nd Amendment be the "flashpoint" issue ? Should it be ?

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    once they have our guns they can do whatever they want with no more opposition. so even if it is not the flashpoint per se, it should be up there

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    We should be taking ....

    notes and cleaning our watchacallits.
    When I joined, I swore to protect and defend the Constitution. No one ever said I was relieved of that oath.

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