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Thread: So much for Liberty

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    So much for Liberty

    One of the saddest headlines I've ever read.

    Tea Party Tax Protest Prohibited
    Organizers' plan to dump 1M tea bags in Lafayette Square blocked because they lack proper permits.

    I can just imagine how that went down.
    Activist: "Hi, we're here to protest the government"
    Government agent: "Do you have a permit from the government to protest the government?"
    Activists: "no"
    Government agent: "Well you can't protest then".
    Activist: "Well I guess we'll be moving along then"

    Boy that's sure some effective activism. Sure makes me feel better about the way we work to defend RKBA.

    Protesters' Plan to Dump Tea Is Prohibited

    By Michael E. Ruane
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Wednesday, April 15, 2009 3:26 PM

    There will be no tea-dumping in the Potomac River -- that's illegal -- but organizers of today's national tea party tax protest found out this morning that so is their plan to dump a million tea bags in Lafayette Square to demonstrate displeasure at government spending and tax policies.

    Protesters, using a rented truck to haul the million tea bags, began unloading their cargo at the park this morning but were told by officials that they didn't have proper permits and must move the tea . They complied with the order but are still considering what to do with the load.

    The tea had been purchased online by people upset over recent government policy, said John Gauger, a spokesman for the grass-roots conservative group Reagan.org.

    The protesters got more bad news when security officials also told them that they did not have proper permits for a rally in front of the Treasury building.

    That noon-time protest had been expected to provide a national stage for speeches by such figures as Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform; former presidential candidate Alan Keyes; and Thomas A. Schatz, president of Citizens Against Government Waste. But after the discussion with security officials, the protesters sent away the advance crew that was to set up risers and equipment for news crews.

    Despite the setbacks, and the dreadful weather, hundreds of protesters gathered in Lafayette Square midday under a cold rain to voice their displeasure with Obama administration's economic policies, which critics say have plunged the country deeper into debt and increased taxes and government regulation. They carried American flags, and sodden signs bearing such slogans as "Socialism -- Change we can't afford," "We will not bow to higher taxes," and "Defend Our Constitution."

    About midafternoon, the rally was temporarily suspended after what appeared to be a box of tea was thrown over the White House fence and officials evacuated the park as a security precaution, police said. The park was reopened shortly afterward.

    The rallies had been billed as part of a nationwide protest. Rebecca Wales, lead organizer of the local demonstration, said it serves as a forum for citizens to voice their grievances.

    Similar protests are scheduled in Annapolis, Frederick, Reston and Woodbridge.

    Wales said they are among 700 such rallies scheduled today across the country. "This is the largest grass-roots demonstration in history," she said. The events seek to emulate protests of the Revolutionary War era, in which ship cargoes of tea were dumped overboard by colonists chafing at British rule.

    Wales said protesters are angry at, among other things, government bailouts of industry, the economic stimulus package and congressional earmarks. "It runs the gamut," she said.

    "People really need to know what to do next," she said, adding that elections are "not that far away. People need to see that there are alternatives to this administration."
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    Well, when they want to endure jailtime for their "illegal" gathering, it will happen regardless of the law. And as long as the protests are completely peaceful, it's all good. Look at the "peaceful" Oscar Grant protests in Oakland a couple months ago. A couple of outside agitators get people riled up, and all of a sudden every protestor is colored in the same light.

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    Like that poor guy who was killed a couple weeks ago just walking home through protestors got pushed cracked his head and died probably didn't even know what the protest was for.
    Some day my children will have a lot of guns and that will bring a smile to my face.

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    IMHO, you have a large number of people who attended these rallies who had never participated in a demonstration before in their lives. These are generally people who are supportive of the government who hold down regular jobs. So, the fact that these rallies were even held is extraordinary.

    It was also interesting to note that there were almost no LEOs visible - certainly none in Salt Lake.

    If the administration continues to spend money like a drunken sailor (sorry for fouling the good name of drunken sailors), there will be more rallies. Perhaps something like a million taxpayer march on DC?

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    To be fair, that's a lot of litter. They can protest, and if they'd handle the cleanup they probably could dump the teabags, too. Or if they dumped a million grams of loose tea instead of teabags.
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