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Thread: Herter's .44 Mag Single Six

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    Herter's .44 Mag Single Six

    I just had an old Herter's .44 mag refurbished to operational, and would love to find some new grips for it. Anybody got any idea where such a critter might live? The gun went out of production in the late 60's, but it was Herter's answer to the Ruger Blackhawk, which was just coming IN to vogue.

    I can make a set of grips out of some mahogany, but I'd like to find some that are a "factory fit" if possible. I do a decent job of gunsmithing, but I like "easy" too... and finding a set that's already fitted is a lot easier than all that sanding, drilling, and glueing that has to be done to get them right.

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    I believe all, or most, of Herter's handguns were made by Sauer. You might also try looking for grips for those guns. Probably won't have much more luck either but it would be a start.
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    It may be worth your while to make an exact tracing of the grip frame and send it to the custom stock makers.
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