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Thread: Holster for Dan Wesson with 2", 4", 6", 8" barrel?

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    Holster for Dan Wesson with 2", 4", 6", 8" barrel?

    I just got a nice Dan Wesson .357 Pistol Pack, with four swappable barrels of different lengths. Can someone suggest a range holster for it? I was thinking of something with an open bottom, so the longer barrels can stick through, but I'd like a retaining strap in case I bump the muzzle.
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    Dan Wesson Revolvers...

    ...were never that common. While I don't favor them for defensive carry, as a range holster, a Yaqui slide design, which basically would cover only the cylinder area of the frame, would be a logical choice. Back in their day, some were made with thumb-break straps.

    I suspect that you'll have to do some hunting to find one. Perhaps a holster maker such as Don Hume may still have a mold in stock for a Dan Wesson and will make up a holster for you on special order. Otherwise, I suspect that you will end up "taking a poll" of the various custom holster makers who offer that design. I have a vague recollection that Bianchi offered Yaqui-slide holsters with thumb-breaks but wouldn't rate the odds of finding a used one for a Dan Wesson revolver as very high.

    Be aware that the location of the cylinder release of the Dan Wesson, on the side of the crane, can cause problems with some holster designs. My recollection is that the greatest problem with inadvertent release of the cylinder was with break-front holsters but I'd be very careful with my initial work out of any holster with that gun.

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