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Thread: Savage .17HMR magazine

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    Savage .17HMR magazine

    I'm having a bit of a problem with the magazine in my Savage M93 - When I load more than three rounds in the mag, the first one or two rounds jam into the base of the chamber and don't feed. Putting a little pressure on the bottom of the mag fixes this, but should it be doing that? I'm loading five rounds in the mag, is that too much?

    Also, are there extended .17HMR mags for the M93? Say 10 or 20 rounds?

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    My Savage did that too.

    There is a metal bar on the bottom of the action that the magazine slides over when you install it in the rifle.

    That piece is secured by a screw. Check the screw and make sure it's tight.

    It's possible to tighten the screw with the magazine guide crooked, so look at it carefully and make sure it's lined up with the action of the rifle.

    After you are sure it's tight, you can adjust the angle of the magazine by gently bending the magazine guide forward or backward just a little.

    You said pushing up on the mag helped, so bending the guide towards the front of the rifle will probably be the answer.

    Go slow, and make small adjustments. I got mine working perfectly with very little effort and it has not needed re-adjustment since.

    I haven't seen any larger mags.

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    Thanks for the advice Fast Frank, my dad's is doing this as well so hopefully this will fix it.
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    Yeah, thanks, Frank. Mine does it too. I'll have to look for that screw.

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    I had wondered if that bar could be the issue. Thanks, I'll try this.

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