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Thread: Albuquerque Area Meet & Greet

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    Albuquerque Area Meet & Greet

    I was thinking of getting a fun day to shoot, meet and greet somewhere down the line, maybe sometime in September or October when the weather cools off a bit. I don't mind keeping track of things but help and input from other LOE residents would be appreciated. I have already met a few Land of Enchantment members and some have become friends, others a quick beer for lack of time, so I would really like to form an informal shooting group, serve some food and drink perhaps, maybe even do some politics as a group instead of the usual whining we always hear. Let me hear from you either here or PM me. I'm certain most of us will be coming from the SF - Belen area but we can always hope that others will contact me as well. You'd be surprised what a small group can do in pressuring the State. George.

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    Be careful, a small informal meet n' greet can blossom into a full blown shindig pretty quickly <grin>

    Seriously though, go for it, you'll probably be amazed at the folks who come out of the woodwork to pitch in!
    "The dogs bark, but the caravan moves on"

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    All the members I have met so far have been fine upstanding citizens. It usually takes one person to get things rolling but then all the help offered would be appreciated. You in SMLE? Oh yeah, Z, I got the idea from you, thanks.

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