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Thread: IWB for Sig 232 (230)

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    IWB for Sig 232 (230)

    Looking at buying a Sig 232 for a CC weapon. I am 5'6" and slight build. I like the 232 for its size and think it would be a weapon that would not be too large for CC for me. I have a 4.25" 1911 and a Sig 229 9mm but feel that these may be a bit large for comfortabel CC.

    I would like suggestions re: an IWB holster for this weapon.


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    I use a Blade Tech IWB for my P230. Very well made and reasonably priced, especially when you compare them to many major makers of leather.

    I'm 5' 6", 170, 34" waist, and carried a Colt Commander for much of my life, and now carry a P229 with a double reload, on a daily basis. With the right belt and holster, and the right dress and attitude, you can pretty much carry anything, and in relative comfort too. Dont short change yourself gun wise, its better to carry what you shoot best, and figure out a way to do it (its not hard). The key is, you have to want to.

    While I like and use the Blade Tech for my P230, my favorite holster for it is the Galco Executive. The only downside to it is, its about three times the cost of the Blade Tech. I usually carry the P230 as a back up with the P229 as the weather gets colder and "layers" start to show up.
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