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Thread: Calling all northern Mid-TN shootin' couples (Nashville-Clarksville)

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    Calling all shootin' couples in Mid-TN (Nashville-Clarksville)

    Are there any couples here that'd like to go shooting sometime? I often like to bring a female friend of mine and she's usually the only woman around. I don't know what girl talk is but I think having some should be an option.

    I/we usually go to TWRA Cheatham County range and also the Montgomery County range in Southside. However, we prefer the former one because there's no attendant; it's nicer to shoot without constant cease-fires.

    Any couples out there? If interested, PM me.
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    Just spotted this and checked with the wife. She just does not like to shoot....and would frown on me bringing a girl from work. So i don't think I'd be much help. sorry

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