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Thread: Aftermarket Shrouded hammer for SP101?

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    Aftermarket Shrouded hammer for SP101?

    Does anybody sell an aftermarket shrouded hammer for the SP101 or do I have to get it smithed?
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    Ruger sells 2 models of SP101 with bobbed hammers, one regular one and one with Crimson Trace laser grips. They are DAO also.

    I seriously doubt that anyone would tool up for hammer shrouds for the Ruger SP101 if Ruger doesn't do it themselves.

    S&W makes the standard hammer 36 & 60 models, the 649 Shrouded hammer version and the 640 & 642 concealed hammer DAO versions.

    Colt sold only hammer guns and depended on third party hammer shrouds for those that wanted one.

    Ruger seems to have most of that market covered with the bobbed hammer DAO guns, so, again, I can't see anyone tooling up to make them.


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