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Thread: TC Triumph Not Grouping

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    TC Triumph Not Grouping

    Please help. Triumph with 250 grain or 300 grain shockwave sabots and 100gr. of 777 pellets not grouping at all. Could be a problem with the scope but it is brand new. Center point 2-7x (I THINK) from wal mart (cheap I know but it should still work). I was bore sighted at 20yds and could hit paper or backstop at 50. Could it be my load or do I just need plenty more time at the range? Also using 777 209 primer.
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    You don't give any group sizes, but;
    I was bore sighted at 20yds and could hit paper or backstop at 50.
    Do you mean "could not" hit the backstop at 50? If you're not hitting anything, you actually don't know-- your group size (accuracy) could be excellent. Bore sighting is a very crude method. Try actual shooting at 20 yards. Use a large backstop so you can see your hits. Shoot to the exact same point of aim for three shots (ignoring the point of impact) then adjust your scope 'till the center of your group is dead on-- point of aim equals point of impact (POA = POI). That's your starting point. Then you can reach out to 50 or 100 yards or more, and tweak your scope for a dead-on hit at your desired distance. If your scope adjustments are calibrated in minutes of angle (MOA) then at 20 yards, one MOA = 1/5th of an inch. So you move your adjustment 5 MOA for every inch you want to move the group, one MOA per inch at 100 yards, etc. The TC should be able to get regular groups of three to four inches or so at 100 yards from a bench. Better with some serious load tweaking.

    The triumph has a very fast twist for a 50 cal., designed for the heavier bullets. Try some different bullets including some heavier ones of full bore (no sabot). Make sure the bullets have a good purchase on the rifling (meaning a tight fit). Try some loose Pyrodex, and some different charge weights. Your scope may be new and of high quality, but check the mounting to be double sure it's done properly. I've seen cases where the shooter had a wandering zero, and had tightened the mounting screws to the extreme, but the actual problem was the rings were improperly attached, and the extra tightening of the screws was damaging the mount. Another trick is someone will use a bunch of Locktite to "ensure" nothing comes loose, but then fails to properly tighten the screws. That just means the improperly tightened screws are locked in with the improper (to light) torque. Don't assume anything. Verify.

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    T/C "Spreads" and "Groups"

    Seems that with some T/C inlines -- mine was an Omega X7 -- you may have to try different sabots to find a load your gun really likes.

    My Omega would give me 5" to 6" spreads at 50 yards (peep sight), with various T/C and Hornady sabots. Based on some feedback over on modernmuzzleloader, I tried the "Crushed Rib" sabots from Harvester Muzzleloading, and I immediately started getting <1" groups. Quite a welcome and needed change!

    Funny, it seems some guys pay so much attention to the powder or bullet, which are important, but in the inlines -- the sabots are really important. They ARE the load, if you know what I mean.

    Hope you get your Triumph shooting well.

    Tight groups,

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    I had to do a couple things to get my Omega to group...

    1) shim the front bolt (raises the snout off the stock a bit)

    2) sand the stock either side of the barrel to "free float" the barrel. I went from 7-9" groups at 100 yds to 1 5/8" groups.

    Good luck!


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    Just because a scope is new doesn't make it an accurate one, espceially with a cheap one. Another thought is irregular ignition, try loose powder.

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