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Thread: Mossberg 500 vs. Ithaca 37

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    Mossberg 500 vs. Ithaca 37

    AndyJ's thread on his Ithaca rebuild sent me out to the Ithaca website, to see the present offerings from their new location in Upper Sandusky, Ohio.. (a funny name, I have been through there many times and there is not all that much "upper" about it except its location on the river...)

    I have a Mossberg 500 12 gauge that was my workhorse for years. Now it mostly sits, but I have occasionally thought about picking up a 20 gauge pump for squirrels and bunnies.

    To those who have shot both -- how would you compare the Mossberg 500 with the Ithaca? I like the idea of the classic John Browning design heritage, but I have never handled one.
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    I really like the 37's. Can't speak to the current offerings though.

    If you want a bottom feed/ejection design the Browning BPS Upland in 20 is a sweet gun and worth a look also. Similar to the 37 and after I couldn't find a 37 that I liked I went with the BPS.
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    Paul, I hate to veer your thread

    The Ithaca 37s have gone up in price (value) on the street in the last year even though the Blue Book reflects little change. I value them because they are constructed like the proverbial brick --- you know. Parts are available for a price of you look and i think Ithaca has OEM replacement hardware for most models.

    If I was looking at a hunting gun in 20ga, it would be the Belgian Browning A5 Light 20. I picked one up through a trade earlier this year and got introduced to a gun I would not have had experience with if it was not for the trade.

    It was a superb gun and perfectly matched to the task it was designed for.... albeit an auto loader. It was really, really sweet.

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    My vote on the original question asked would be the model 37 or the similar BPS. Their would be no contest betwen those and the Mossberg for my money. But that is just my opinion and what you asked for with your question. Good Luck!
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    It is tough to compare the two guns, both do the job equally well but the Browning bring good looks to the table as well. I mean a AMC Pacer worked but you didn't want anyone seeing you driving it. The Brownings are nice looking shotguns, so are the Ithicas when blued and dressed with nice wood.

    I have working shotguns like my H&K121 and Remington 1100, I also have a Beretta White Onyx and a beautiful Winchester Model 24. Guess which I prefer to be seen A Model 37 Featherlight would be my preference over the Mossberg.
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