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Thread: .30 Carbine Tommy Gun

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    Cool .30 Carbine Tommy Gun

    This weapon was Auto Ordnance's entry for the Light Rifle Project, before the M1 Carbine was adopted. It is obviously based around the .45 Calibre SMG but it seems to use a either a recoil/delayed blowback since it is chambered in a rifle cartridge. The second image below shows the weapon from the top and bottom view and noticed the right side of the barrel shroud looks like an MG42 type barrel change when it overheats.

    I have never seen this weapon before but it does have some improvements over the SMG such as the barrel shroud, position of the stock and the magazine release.

    Full Size Image:

    Image 2:

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    While this might have used the Blish system of blowback (I forget when they changed military thompsons over to straight blowback), it might also have been straight blowback. The .30 carbine was essentially a rimless .32 WSL, and that was fired quite satisfactorily out of the straight blowback Winchester Self Loading rifles.
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    The Thompson was changed to lower production costs.
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    For anyone interested, I have photos of ten of the Light Rifle submissions (including the Thompson entrant) posted at Forgotten Weapons.

    Edit - Heh - just noticed that's where you got the first pic, FF.
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