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Thread: K98k rear sight base removal? Help!

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    K98k rear sight base removal? Help!

    Hi, I have a YC 98k that I just bought at a gun show. The barrell is new! The only problem is those cute little commies put the rear sight base on just a little crooked. I used my heat gun to warm it up to try to straighten it out but no luck, just boiled a gallon of cosmo out of it. I did remove the rear screw and the sight leaf and bed. Am I missing something? Thanks for the help in advance!
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    The rear sight base (the base and the band that wrap around the barrel) are soft soldered on.

    If the base is crooked, its BENT. You'll need a new base.
    Heat the base until the solder melts and keep it hot as you use a wood block to trap the base forward and off.
    Note that the solder melts at fairly low temps of around 450 or so. DON'T over heat.

    You can solder the new base on by cleaning the inside THOROUGHLY, then polishing most of the solder off the barrel with fine sand cloth "shoe shine" method.
    Tap the base on and align, then apply flux and heat as you feed a little fresh solder in.
    Remember LOW heat, most people WAY over heat when working with soft solder..

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