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Thread: 17 hmr?

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    17 hmr?

    What does the abbreviations hmr stand for, regarding the .17 hmr?

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    Hornady Magnum Rimfire. It's a good little round, I've got a Savage 93 in that caliber, and it's a tackdriver out to 100 yards or so.
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    List of rifle cartridges
    List of handgun cartridges

    I know, I know. You're thinking "Wikipedia!?!?!" But it is a good little resource for little questions like that. I wouldn't trust it for O.A.L. of a cartridge of but for little stuff it is good. It is also peer reviewed and you know us gun nuts aren't going to let factually incorrect information last long on a peer reviewed website
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    My sons each have one. Mossberg in one case, Savage in the other. They both have excellent accuracy, according to the offspring.

    I shot the Savage at the Trigger Time indoor 100 yard range about a month ago and I thought it was pretty sweet, but I was not used to the gun, so my groups were a little off. It could have been the wind at that indoor range, though.

    The cartridge, compared to .22 Magnum:

    The Savage Rifle (Note the Accu-Trigger --very nice!):

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