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Thread: Best ammo for beretta px4 storm 9mm

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    Question Best ammo for beretta px4 storm 9mm

    Im looking for what the best ammo would be?
    Any opinions would be nice

    Im an all around shooter so looking for plinking, defense and accuracy, price is not an issue

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    For defense Hornady TAP, Critical Defense or XTP look good. I like the TAP in 45.

    Plinking Winchester White Box is good or whatever is lowest cost.

    Also you may want to look into handloading.
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    I think Speer Lawman FMJ is good quality practice ammo, I like the 124 grain stuff. It is generaly faster than than most practice ammo.

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    Best 9x19mm/9mmNATO rounds for the Beretta PX4 series.

    In general, if you can buy any of these rounds/loads they'll work well for most protection-duty uses:
    Winchester Ranger T 127gr +P+ 9mm, Ranger T 124gr bonded JHP +P, Remington Golden Saber 124gr JHP +P bonded, Speer-Gold Dot 124gr JHP +P, CorBon DPX 115gr +P JHP, Hornady TAP or Critical Defense 9mm(115gr). The Federal EFMJ(expanding full metal jacket) or Corbon/PowRball 9mm rounds would be good for your spare mags. Some THR members rail against it here, I for duty/protection use I'd use FMJ or ball ammunition for a number of reasons. Mainly it's to insure smooth feeding/functioning in a critical incident and for deeper penetration in building material or some barriers, .
    In most real armed events for most CC/armed citizens the 3x3x3 rule applies(3 rounds-3 feet-3 seconds). You may not need all 17/18 9mm rounds but there is no 100% guarantee you wouldn't need spare mags or need to fire on a barracaded subject(s) who may be shooting at you or others.
    The special purpose rounds like Glaser or Magsafe have merit but in general, a factory made JHP 9mm +P or +P+ round will do best.
    For sales see: .

    ps: For target practice, training use 124gr FMJ or milspec ball rounds.
    Also if you want good new PX4 9mm 17rd magazines contact Bachman Pawn & Gun, phone; 214-351-0572. This Dallas TX area retail store sells 9mm mags for $24.95. I bought 2 PX4 magazines last summer, .
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    Thumbs up Winchester wb, Federal, PMC, but..


    Really, any FMJ ammo that's available for plinking will do.. They will shoot most anything (least my Px4 40 will)

    But, if you're looking for consistency, "clean shooting" ammo in both FMJ and JHP, one can't beat Winchester Ranger, "law enforcement" ammo.. (I use their SXT 147gr JHP with my Sig P229R CT 9mm)

    Stuff is so clean, that, when you look at "any" of the spent brass, you'll think it's brand new, never been fired.. absolutely, spotless, clean.. and same for your gun for the very most part.. Great ammo

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    Speer gold dot 124 +p or Corbon 115gr DPX +P imo

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    I like the Remington HP bullet contours, in either their "old fashioned" 124 gr. JHP or the Golden Saber, because there is a good round shoulder on the bullet nose to ride smoothly up the feed ramp, and both bullets perform just as they should. I mean huge expansion with good penetration and jacket retention to at least the first 75% of penetration, with very good weight retention.
    There is no formula for best bullet for a particular gun. I think the claims made by Winchester about their "welded" bullets are bogus, because they're just plated bullets with added skives. The plating simply can't act like a jacket in any way but to prevent lead fouling in the bore.
    Defensive ammo is expensive, and shot placement is the most important factor by far. With that in mind, I suggest that you narrow your choices to 3 or 4, and try a 25 round box of each in your gun at 15 yards. The one that you shoot most accurately is the right one for you.

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