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Thread: 38 S&W CTG Revolver

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    Exclamation 38 S&W CTG Revolver

    I need help identifying a .38 Smith & Wesson Revolver and its manufacturing date, snd its current value.

    -Top of barrel: Smith & Wesson Springfield Mass U.S.A
    Patented Feb.6.06, Sep.14.09, Dec.29.14
    -Rt. side barrel: 38 S.&W.CTG.
    -Rt. side frame: Made in USA, S&W Trademark emblem
    -Lt. side barrel: Smith & Wesson
    -Cylinder Part #: 322852
    -Sights: S&W (original)
    -Serial Number: 869437 (bottom part of butt)

    Thanks in advance!

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    Got an idea: 1905 Hand Ejector (or Military & Police), 4th Model.

    Help us out: Length of barrel? Adjustable sights (I think that's what you implied)?

    Be aware that for $50 you can get a complete history of your revolver (manufacture date, original shipping info and any factory repairs) by sending the below for to S&W and their historian, Roy Jinks.

    It is traditional to leave off the last 3 digits of your serial number in a post (obviously, include the whole number to Mr. Jinks). You may wish to edit your original post. Welcome!
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