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Thread: OC and/or CC Holster XD-40

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    OC and/or CC Holster XD-40

    Howdy Folks,
    I just became in need of an OC and/or a CC holster for an XD-40 4" Service (joyous post to follow when I get back and have my camera). I'm 5'9 160 lbs and I have a slight belly. If possible, I'd prefer OWB rather than IWB.
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    If you haven't yet found a OC holtser to show off that XD-40, consider this one....

    You can see more styles of this holster at

    The attached pics are of my personal XD-40 4" Service model in my holster...

    And yes, thats genuine Python Skin...not a tiny accent peice either. Its a nice-sized swath of Python...
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    Here's a couple of options?
    DeSantis-I have their Thumb Break Scabbard in black. Don't know if you want a retaining strap or not-if not, I kinda like the looks of High Noon Holsters Slide Guard. The extra leather between the gun and your body might be nice-I have the High Noon Sky High, which has a retaining strap.

    If it's not a stocked item, High Noon stuff is going to take about 3 months!
    I bought my last DeSantis at Optics Planet-free shipping over $29.95, and you can Google "Optics Planet Discount Code" for 5% off codes.

    EDIT: Darnit-didn't see the date of the original post! I'm assuming he's already got a holster?
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    Blackhawk serpa is a good retention holster, the kydex would look good with your new toy.
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    He was in A-stan when he posted this. I expect he has the holster now
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