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Thread: Personal protection shoot Staunton, VA May, 9

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    Personal protection shoot Staunton, VA May, 9

    Stonewall Rifle and Pistol club, about 12 miles west of Staunton, is having a personal protection shoot this Sunday.
    Here is the info from their website.

    Personal Protection Shoot
    Any centerfire defensive caliber.
    Shooters will need 100 rounds of full power ammo and a holster of the belt type. Crossdraw and shoulder holsters not acceptable.
    Eye and ear protection is required. All spectators are also required to have eye and ear protection.
    Shooters will fire on various scenarios describing different defensive/combat type situations.
    These events will include speed firing at multiple targets at the same or varying distances, shooter movement, use of cover, weak hand firing, reloading as well as others.
    All intersted are welcome to shoot or observe.

    This is open to the public, and I encourage anyone who is interested to attend!

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    thank you

    I live here in Staunton and didn't know Stonewall had shoots like this.I thought you had to be a member for all the shoots there.I hope to go to some of the shoots this year.Thank you for the post plinker 22

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