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Thread: La Open Carry monthly meeting 9-1-2010

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    La Open Carry monthly meeting 9-1-2010

    It's almost time again for the Louisiana Open Carry Awareness League meeting.
    Mark your calendars and be there for our regular monthly business meeting.

    Date: September 1, 2010
    Time:6:30pm (try to get there early to socilize and order if you are eating)
    Place: Shoney's Resturant in LaPlace, La
    Highway 51 aka Main St near I-10.

    LOCAL members are strongly encouraged to attend as well as anyone interested in Open Carry in La. If you havn't made it to a meeting yet please try to join us. You will not be sorry.

    La Open Carry Awareness League

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    Unless I'm sadly mistaken, open carry has been legal in Louisiana for ... since I can remember and I've lived here all my life.

    What are you trying to raise awareness of?

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