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Thread: Milsurp Competitions

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    Milsurp Competitions

    Howdy, folks.
    My Neighbour finally caught gun fever. He wants to get into competitive rifle shooting, but doesn't want to compete against the race-gun crowd. He's develped quite an affinity with a K-98 and wants to buy one and use that unmodified. Is there any competitions that are just MILSURP style competitions? Or competitions that are used with just regular old rifles (not a 3,000 rifle with 6,000 in upgrades) with Iron Sights?
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    Some ranges have them, we have a range north of Pensacola that has them monthly. You just need to call around or google your area and Surplus rifle match. So your search term, would be Minot Surplus rifle match, or Minot area suplus rifle match. Hope that helps.
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    My club, the Miami Rifle and Pistol Club, in Millford, Ohio (just East of Cincinnati) runs a Garand and Vintage Military Bolt Action Rifle Match.

    Rifles: Rifles allowed for entry into the Garand Match include WWII semi-automatic U.S. issue rifles including the M-1 Garand rifle, M-1 Carbine or M1941 Johnson Rifle. Rifles allowed for entry into the Vintage Military Bolt Rifle Match include any U.S. or foreign military bolt-action rifles. Examples include the U.S. 1903 Springfield, Krag or Model 1917 rifles, or foreign rifles such as the military versions of the Mauser rifle, Russian Mosin-Nagants, English Enfields, Swiss K-31’s, etc. These rifles must conform to their “as-issued” condition. All hardware including stocks and sights must conform to the configurations issued to regular military personnel i.e. no target or sniper sights or scopes. The “spirit of competition” here is that we are all on a level playing field by using non-modified rifles.

    COURSE OF FIRE: Competitors will fire 45 total rounds, 5 sighting shots and 40 shots for record, at 200 yards, on the standard 200-yard highpower rifle target.

    Stage 1: 5 sighting shots and 10 shots for record, prone position, slow-fire, time limit 15 minutes.
    Stage 2: 10 shots for record, prone, rapid-fire, time limit 80 seconds.
    Stage 3: 10 shots for record, sitting, rapid-fire, time limit 70 seconds
    Stage 4: 10 shots for record, standing position, slow-fire, time limit 10 minutes.

    Next match is October 23.

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    The matches tpelle mentions are also matches that are promoted by the CMP and they write the rules and run one each year during the Nationals at Camp Perry and at various other locations around the nation each year.

    They also let local clubs sponsor these kinds of matches using their rules.

    I don't know if MRPC is running them in conjunction with the CMP or just on their own hook, he might know.

    You might check the CMP web site at and see what they list as far as who runs these matches.


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    Have your friend look up Camp Butler there in NC. It's located between Bragg and Raliegh if I remember correctly. CMP runs Vintage Military Bolt Action Rifle Matches there.

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    The matches I mentioned at MRPC are run under the CMP.

    Been thinking about loading up some decent ammo for one of my M1s and giving it a try. It'll be a nice change from the AR15 (And I probably couldn't do much worse!).

    Here's supposed to be the load to use:

    Korean KA brass full length resized.
    48 Gr 4064
    CCI Large Rifle primers
    Sierra 168 gr SMK
    3.345 OAL

    I've got a bunch of the Greek HXP brass, so I'll probably use that.

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