We are very pleased to announce that law enforcement officers (LEOs) can now participate in all Appleseed events without charge!

Appleseed as a program is always attempting to expand and develop new ways to accomplish its mission. This means we target various groups we want to reach, like women, kids, and elected officials, along with active military. As a program, we now want to reach out to the law enforcement community, because it is critical for LEOs to be exposed to what we teach - our American heritage, plus marksmanship.


We will consider anyone who has a current identification card identifying them as a member of a city, county, state, or national law enforcement organization to be an LEO. We will also include those who carry this identification card and serve in "auxiliary" positions, such as dispatchers.

We will handle the participation of LEOs just as we do the participation of active duty members of the military. Law enforcement officers can register on EventBrite and then show appropriate ID at registration at the event. If there are questions about the status of someone who wishes to shoot as an LEO, the shoot boss will decide how to handle the matter.

See you at the range!