I am pleased to announce a second Gardnerville, Nevada shoot will be held this year. Our first was back in May. It was a three day shoot over the Memorial Day weekend and it was a great success! Due to the great turnout at the May event and interest displayed by those with whom we interacted at the Big Reno Gun Show in August, we’re doing it all again!

When: October 30-31-2010
Where: 2449 Leviathan Mine Rd. Gardnerville, NV

Directions: From Gardnerville take Hwy. 395 south approx. 10 miles to Leviathan Mine Road. Turn right to the range site at 2449 Leviathan Mine Road. Watch for signs.

GPS: 38*47’56.06”N

To register: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/829002569

Why this shoot is special: This shoot marks the first time in Nevada Appleseed history that we will have two events on the same weekend. Northern and Southern Nevada will be both shooting simultaneously in an excellent show of how far Nevada Appleseed has come and in promise of where we can go.

This inaugural simultaneous shoot is scheduled on a special weekend for Nevadans: the weekend of Nevada Day. Nevada is the only state which throws a yearly celebration in honor of its entry into the Union and it does so to keep its citizens informed of American history and to foster the community spirit of patriotism. The Nevada Day charter is “preserving Nevada History through education.”

I challenge all Nevadans to celebrate being a Nevadan and to honor U.S. history through education by coming out and participating in this simultaneous Nevada Day weekend Appleseed shoot!

For information about Gardnerville’s sister shoot in Las Vegas, please see their forum posting here: http://appleseedinfo.org/smf/index.php?topic=16224.0/.

The range: This range is on Featherblue’s private property and he and Mrs. Featherblue do not charge any range fee for us to go out and use their land. The range is absolutely beautiful. You will not regret coming out to shoot with us even if the only thing you do once you get here is stare at the mountains which surround our shooting line.

This promises to be an excellent shoot at a DAR site. With ranges out to 600+ yards, shooters are welcome to bring the center fires. The firing line can handle 50 shooters with room for more easily added. No tracer or ammunition that is attracted to a magnet is allowed due to fire hazards. Additionally, for this October shoot, please do not bring steel-cored projectiles (i.e. Spam can ammo for Mosin-Nagants). The range is dried out now due to the arrival of autumn and these types of ammo can present fire hazards.

Lodging: The Featherblue’s welcome private camping on their range for Appleseed event participants, but hardy campers only need apply for this event. Nevada weather is temperamental at best, but historical October averages put possible temperatures down in the 30’s. If you come out to camp, and you are more than welcome to, remember to bring with you everything you need to stay warm and healthy no matter what our Nevada weather may throw at us.

Potable water and porta-potties will be on site for campers and shooters to use.

For those not camping, local hospitality offerings include (but are not limited to!):
• Topaz Lodge and Casino, RV Resort. They have full hookups and are the closest motel to our range. Their phone number is 1-800-962-0732.
• Holiday Inn Express, Gardnerville, NV. 775-782-7500
• Topaz Lodge and Casino, RV Resort 800-962-0732

For More Information:
Please contact one of the following local Appleseeders:

Name: Terry
Phone: 775-266-4408
Email: terry.w.hunt@gte.net

Name: GG
Phone: 775-538-BANG (2264)
Email: gg.girlsloveguns@gmail.com
Private Message on the Appleseed forum: gglovesguns.