Sooner or later it is likely that we "practicers" here at these venues will be gathered together as REAL Survivor Practitioners. I mean SHTF. We will all have a pretty similar attitude about ourselves at that juncture, as compared to the Simple Carnivore Marauder who feels himself to be top of the food chain, for his moment. My question is as to the way we might communicate, how we might arrive at staff and leadership, and especially on the organization of the distribution of survivor goods to those whom we love and might die for. I think the SHTF Event will mimic the KATRINA event, but on a scale 1,000x larger. It may begin erupting in the locations of populations where there are many who feel "disenfranchised", who feel "entitled", and who feel hopeless. For that matter,, we ALL will be "hopeless" except for those who are prepared to hold out and stand strong for a year or more. We might need to start thinking of the re-establishment of our True Constitutional Government also. The government and LEO will be unable to help anyone during TSHTF initial incident. Any serious input?? Corrections to my philosophy?? Thanks