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Thread: Gift ideas?

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    I like Paw Paw's ideas on gifts for his children!


    Money, honey, money and let me pick out my own gift or put it towards a bigger gift or put it in the bank.

    I did not run out get my husband a 'gift' for his recent birthday or Christmas this year. I used to give him a AAA membership.

    I told him that his gift was a garage door opener for the new small home that I am building. I think that he will use it! He never had a garage opener before. I had one a couple of years after my late husband and I built our home back east in the 70's. I did not really want one, I thought that it was a WASTE of money at the time, but after dealing with one blizzard after another and leaving/coming home in the dark - security reasons... I really appreciated the openers!

    I would go for the money gift if I were you.

    There are a lot of good ideas on here too... many that I have used and still use.

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    I would go for the money gift if I were you.
    All of my brothers and sisters very likely make more money than I do so they don't need money. I primarily want to give them ideas. When I gave out fire extinguishers I found out that not only did they appreciate the idea I found that two of my siblings bought more fire extinguishers since they had not thought of getting them before.

    Here's some more ideas I came across:

    4-in-1 key chain tool

    self-defense/glass-breaker pen

    crank powered emergency gadget

    That key chain tool looks neat and it doesn't cost too much. I've seen other self-defense/glass-breaker pens before and I wonder how useful they are for their intended purpose, the purpose besides writing. Any one see something similar, something better? Any comments on their utility?

    The emergency gadget looks neat but I have to wonder how much something like that would be used. I also have to wonder about it's quality, all that stuff in one box for $20 makes me wonder if its just a hunk of cheap plastic that will fall apart just when someone needs it.

    I have an account with ThnkGeek which is why I linked to them above. They sell some interesting stuff.
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    Catherine, I am now curious about this year. Praise the Lord she is still in reasonably good health and will turn 87 next month... and will probably provide me with another funny story even if I don't much care for the gift.
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    Leather Gifts Idea

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