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Thread: Can we make this undersized holster work?

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    Can we make this undersized holster work?

    Hi all - my buddy has a CW45, and recently got the Crimson Trace laser for it, which attaches to the front of the triggerguard and the surrounding area. It's a really nice setup, and he primarily carries it in a SmartCarry, but would also like a belt holster for it.

    He just received a Galco holster made specifically for the CW9 and CW40 WITH the CTC laser, because the dimensions between the CW40 and CW45 were so small. Well, it doesn't really fit that well. We can almost force the gun all the way into the holster, but it just doesn't "grip" the way other holsters do that fit. This is the only belt holster we found that we thought would remotely work - any ideas as to whether we could convince this holster to expand just a little? Don't know if there's something we could do to the leather or anything like that.

    Many thanks for the help.

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    Wrap the pistol in saran wrap and thouroughly soak the holster in water. Place the pistol in the holster, forcing in tt all the way in place. allow the holster to dry. The saran wrap is not only to protect the pistol, but to provide additional thickness so the pistol will be tight, but draw easily.

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    i havent done it, but i have heard of people doing that same thing....
    sounds like it is the best bet!
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